Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Chorus Of Frogs

Yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far.A warm sun shone from a blue sky for most of the day and it was very pleasant to be out and about.I decided to visit some local ponds to see if the frogs had returned for their annual spawning ritual.The ponds are in a park but not all of them are favorable for the frogs to spawn.I did find plenty of frogs in a couple of the ponds,one in particular held many dozens.As well as the wonderful sight of many frogs and frogspawn there was also a constant chorus of croaking from the excited frogs.

I enjoyed myself with the camera for an hour or so with all the activity that was going on.On one of the ponds the frogs were out in the middle and couldn't be reached. The big lens came in handy here and I was able to focus in on the action.On another pond I was able to get much closer to the action by wading into the margins and using a smaller lens.I have posted a few images from the frog session and I may possibly return for more when the weather settles down, it is currently pouring down again.Hope you enjoy the selected images and thanks for looking in.


  1. Excellent set of Frog pics Brian, the top one very humorous, almost a stage managed look about it, but we all know it wasn't and couldn't have been....Brilliant.

  2. great photos Brian, agree with Pete first image would be great for a caption competition,,,he looks completely chilled out!

  3. I`ve got to agree the first image is very comical Brian,long time since I`ve seen as much frog spawn.Still no sight of any frogs on the allotment.