Saturday, 9 November 2013

Salmon Watching

Recently I have visited the upper River Ribble near Settle to watch and try to photograph the migrating salmon as they make their way upstream to the spawning grounds.There has been a lot of rain over recent weeks and this has aided the salmon on their long journey.A few years ago I would have been trying to catch them on rod and line but these days I prefer the camera to record the action.
I joined numbers of fellow photographers and onlookers as we watched for leaping salmon trying to negotiate the falls on the River Ribble.It was not easy to anticipate the leap and be fast enough with the shutter to capture the action.Perseverance and concentration was the solution and eventually we all managed to grab some decent images.
It was very enjoyable on this beautiful stretch of the Ribble and we all had a great time trying to get some memorable shots.I have shown above some of my efforts and was reasonably pleased with the results.As usual though I will probably return to this delightful spot to try and capture some more action.I think there will be more salmon yet trying to negotiate these upper reaches of the Ribble in a bid to reach their birthplace high up in the hill country. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Wonderful images Brian,of a hard to photograph spectacle.

  2. Another marvellous set Brian,better these days to catch with the lens rather than the rod don`t you think!