Sunday, 17 November 2013

More Salmon

I have made a few visits over the last few weeks to the upper River Ribble to try and capture the salmon as they leap the falls on the way to the spawning grounds.It is not easy to capture the action and on my visit last Friday with Paul we sat at the rverside for over three hours without seeing a single fish.Maybe the run is now over till next Autumn so I have decided to post a few more images from my previous visits.
Nearly all the fish are very dark in colour sporting their breeding colours having lost the silvery look as they have travelled many miles since leaving the sea off the Lancashire Coast.It has been a very interesting time trying to capture the leaping salmon and some of my better efforts are posted above.Martin and Paul are also shown perched on the rocks above the falls with cameras at the ready to capture the action.Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy my efforts shown above.


  1. Brian another wonderful post on the Ribble salmon and as you say a very hard subject to photograph,but you`ve certainly done the samon justice with these images.Very well done.

  2. Oh my!
    That is some thing very different!
    It must be quite an effort to get pics like these, but obviously, you are well prepared and with great equipment!
    Most of the time they must catch you by surprise!, no it cannot be easy!!
    Well done!