Thursday, 31 May 2012

Up With The Sun

Today is very wet and is a welcome relief from the very hot weather of the last week. I found it too uncomfortable during the heat of the day to be out and about with the camera so I opted instead for a very early start.I was up at 4am and away before 5am just as the sun was rising.On previous early morning jaunts I had discovered an area on a local fell frequented by roe deer.Up to this week I had only brief and distant views in poor light. On a beautiful summers morning this week however I was to enjoy some fabulous views of a young buck and doe roe deer feeding not far from the roadside.When I stopped the car they moved away a little but commenced feeding again and for the next forty five minutes I was treated to some wonderful views of these elusive and very shy deer.They were within range of the big lens and I captured hundreds of images.I have shown some of the images below and I hope my followers enjoy them as much as I certainly did in obtaining them. I have since been back to the area and taken more early morning shots and will incorporate them into a future blog about the other wildlife I encountered on these early morning sorties. Thanks for looking in.


  1. Stunning series of images Brian,well worth getting up early for,my fav has to be the first image with that beautiful morning light on the head and neck.Thank you for sharing. mj.

  2. What a lovely experience - my wildlife encounters never last 45 minutes! Well worth the early start.

  3. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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