Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bowland Beauties

This last couple of weeks or so has seen me visiting the Forest of Bowland area of Lancashire to try and catch up with the summer visitors. The weather has suddenly gone from winter to summer and these summer migrants should now be able to find sufficient food to begin breeding. There has been much activity this week with the hot weather and I spent a morning trying to get some reasonable images of a redstart which had set up territory. I was quite satisfied with the results and the first two images show the handsome male redstart posing briefly for me.The redstart is followed by pied flycatcher male and female and a spotted flycatcher which had just arrived in the woodland in Bowland. The final image is of the handsome male whinchat on territory on the fells and is a bird I will be returning to photograph at a later date. Hope you enjoy my efforts,thanks for looking in and enjoy the heat wave !!


  1. Wonderful images Brian,and I've a feeling there is more to come.Great reward for all your time and effort,thank you for sharing.

  2. Bowland Beauties indeed Brian....wonderful birds, wonderful images.

  3. If I enjoy your efforts???
    Mmmmm, let me think!!
    Shall I confess your photography is one of my favorites and I always have a lookout for your publications!
    Again a beautiful series of a very bright specimen!
    Our Redstarts seem duller!
    Enjoy your WE, cheers Brian!

  4. Beautiful images. I enjoyed them very much, thanks for sharing!

  5. splendid captures Brian of some amazing little migrants,look forward to seeing more great images!

  6. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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