Saturday, 2 May 2009

May Day

A new month had arrived and with it a beautiful morning with blue skies and sunshine. The weather forecast promised rain by lunchtime so I decided on another visit to the Pied Flycatcher woodland at Moor Piece hoping for better results than previously. It was a beautiful journey over Longridge Fell stopping briefly to take in the view of Pendle Hill from Kemple End. On then down to cross the River Hodder and up to Bashall Eaves and the Moor Piece woodland.
As expected the flycatchers were singing, making location easier in amongst the many birch trees.I soon got onto a couple of birds but once again they were high up and it was difficult to obtain the correct position for a good shot. I moved to a different area and found more birds singing and eventually I managed the shot I had been aiming for, with the bird only twenty feet or so above the woodland floor and posing nicely on an unobstucted branch. I also managed a shot of a female piedfly which was the first one I had seen. So the signs look good for a favourable breeding season providing the weather stays summery and provides plenty of insects and grubs for the young birds.
As promised the weather was on the change and by the time I reached the car the first steady rain had arrived. On the return journey over Longridge Fell the rain was heavy and was to last a couple of hours or so before clearing again around teatime. However for once I had made the right decision and enjoyed a few hours of splendid birdwatching/photography in this lovely part of Bowland. The images above show the view of Pendle Hill from Kemple End, yours truly in action at Moor Piece Wood and the male and female Pied Flycatchers.


  1. I just got a new 400mm lens but it has been pouring rain ever since it came and I have not had a chance to try it out. I see you are pretty well equipped. I like your photos too.

  2. I like the camo awning you use to cover the lens and tripod - I have been meaning to get one for a while now. Is yours waterproof as well?

    Those Pied Flycatcher shots are wonderful, btw