Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Back to Bowland

Following my trip to the coast the following day found me back in my favourite part of Bowland in the hill country up above Slaidburn. I returned to the fellside woodland where I had seen pied flycatchers and redstarts on my previous visit. The gale force easterly was still hammering across the fells but there was some respite in the shelter of the woodland.
I was soon onto more pied flycatchers as they sang in the afternoon sun. I was able to obtain my best images to date and was well pleased with the results. The highlight of the afternoon however was the sudden appearance of a roe deer hind as she leapt through a gap in the wall bordering the fellside. I don't know who was  more surprised as we both froze. I was quick enough however to capture the moment on camera before the deer bounded off through the woodland. A magic moment and one I will remember for a long time.
I had another nice surprise on the way home as I came across a pair of curlew mating close to the quiet country lane along which I was driving. The curlews gave me ample opportunities to capture another magic moment as this was the first time I had seen this behaviour. A great ending to a memorable afternoon's birdwatching/photography in this delightful part of Northern England. The images show male pied flycatchers, mating curlews and a very surprised roe deer.


  1. Love the two Pied Flycatcher images.

  2. Hi Brian,
    You were real lucky to get such a close shot of the roe deer.Even the pair of curlews are well captured.Will be following your blog to see more great shots:)

  3. Thanks folks for nice comments. Much appreciated.

  4. An excellent four images from your 'Back to Bowland' experience Brian,well done. I'm following you intently.

  5. The Pied Flycatchers Images brilliant shots.
    Just great.