Monday, 4 May 2009

Another Piece of the action

Uploading this post on a very wet and miserable Bank Holiday. Yesterday however was somewhat better with plenty of sunny spells but a strong and cool wind from the North. I had decided on a return to the Pied Flycatcher woodland at Moor Piece in Bowland. My plan was to possibly obtain better images than previously as I had found an area of woodland with a number of nest boxes and a number of interested birds.
The male pied/flys were singinging their hearts out in an attempt to attract the females to their chosen nest box. I spent a couple of hours or so and did manage some better shots of the male birds posing on their song posts. However I was not completely satisfied as I felt the birds will probably allow a much closer approach than the forty yards or so from where I was shooting. I left them in peace until my return,which will probably be next week,when hopefully the current very damp weather will have moved on. The images show the pied flycatchers posing nicely on their song posts and a nice curlew seen on the way home feeding close to the road.


  1. Love that first shot Brian, stunning image.

  2. Brian were probably not supposed to swear on these blogs but these images of the Pied Flycatcher are bloody brilliant....what more is there to say.

    Thanks for the link's, you are a star.