Thursday, 12 February 2009

Owling Again

Tuesday this week proved to be the nicest day of the week and was almost Springlike with little or no wind and wonderful blue skies. I went to the Lancs Mosslands again near to Pilling to see if the owls were at home. They were and so were an influx of photographers from the Wigan area. My good friend Dave Cookson was there with mate Steve. They had enjoyed a brilliant session with the barn owls taking hundreds of images and were exhausted!!! They both decided on a ride to have a look at Knott End and left me in the prime spot . It was some time before the barn owls came out again but Ian Latham , Dave Cookson(who had returned) and myself enjoyed a wonderful session with the barn owl performing at close quarters for us and giving us all ample opportunities to get some wonderful action shots of these magnificent birds.

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  1. Aha a new blog to follow ! I like the photo in the title box, the bluey background works well.