Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Friday the thirteenth. Lucky for some.

I had gone to the mosslands again as  I am currently obsessed with photographing owls particularly Barn Owls. It can be a problem obtaining decent images as the light is very often poor when the owls go hunting late afternoon. Recently however they had been hunting in the middle of the day and early afternoon. I was in position around lunchtime but this time I had a three hour wait before the first owl appeared.It was well worth the wait however as the barn owl was in hunting mode and it captured a vole close to where I was waiting. I was able to take many images in the half hour or so the owl was present. A couple of these are shown above, one showing the owl one second away from capturing the vole, and the other showing it shielding its capture from other nearby predators.
So for me it had been a very lucky Friday the thirteenth but not for the poor vole!!

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