Saturday, 29 February 2020

Great Crested Grebes...February 2020

That time of the year had arrived when I look forward to catching up with the Great Crested Grebes at a local Nature Reserve.About now they begin their elaborate courtship and mating rituals and can make for some interesting images.The weather recently has been awful with constant rain and gales.Despite this I decided on a visit to the location.The weather was still very disturbed with frequent wintry showers and a strong wind.I was able to find some shelter and made a couple of afternoon visits to the site.

It was nice to find a pair of grebes present and I managed a few shots of them displaying.What was also very good was one of the grebes catching a nice sized perch which it took time to turn head first before swallowing.I have shown this sequence of shots in images 10-13.The robins at the site were also in fine form looking for handouts from passers by and made for a nice image.I also got nice images of a tufted duck showing off his splendid plumage and the ever present mute swans were also begging for food.A perched cormorant also made for a nice portrait shot.The final images are of blackthorn and primroses in bloom some of the first flowers to bloom.

Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy the images below.

I will be back next month with more from my travels.


  1. Have you seen the new camera produced in 2020?

  2. Fantastic serie of the birds and the first flowers of Spring.