Saturday, 22 February 2020

Egrets...Mere Sands Wood

The weather is still very disturbed following Storm Dennis which left many parts of the country suffering from severe flooding.Lancashire escaped the worst of the weather although there has been a lot of rain and the ground is saturated.Today the sun is shining which is a rare treat although the wind is still very strong.There may be more rain on the way!!!

Despite the bad weather I did manage to get out with the camera and I visited Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve where I hadn't been for some time.It was nice to enjoy the comfort of the hides sheltered from the strong and cold winds.I was hoping for some action from the grebes at the Cyril Gibbons hide but there was only one bird present.There were ducks present and I enjoyed taking images of gadwall,goosanders and shovelers which can be seen below.The highlight of the day however was the presence at the Rufford hide of a great white egret.

I spent the rest of my time photographing the great white and a little egret.Both egrets were very active and were catching mostly small fish.It was good to compare these two egrets and particularly the size which is shown well in the first image.It was nice to spend time with this uncommon visitor to Mere Sands Wood and I hope it stays around for more people to enjoy.I left in more unpleasant wet and windy weather.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon and hopefully so will better weather.


  1. Hello Brian, indeed horrible wheater also here on the continent. But the birds seem to cope. You made a lovely serie of the a great variety. Verry nice!

  2. Hello Roos,Thanks for your comments on my efforts.Let's hope for some better weather soon.Enjoy your photography.

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