Friday, 31 January 2020

Brexit Day..31.1.2020. Blog Update

At last Brexit has arrived as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union later today.I am just updating my blog for January 2020. It has not been good for photography this month with many days of anticyclonic gloom and I have not had many excursions with the camera.Of course I did manage a few excursions mainly to the Cockerham and Pilling areas which does seem to have been my patch over the Winter months.It never disappoints and the usual subjects of geese and barn owls feature in the images below.

A couple of trips to the coast at Fleetwood and Blackpool were made to see the snow buntings that were on the shore at Fleetwood and the starling roost at Blackpool North Pier.The images give a bit of variety to the blog but I look forward to more coastal visits soon to catch up with the winter visitors.The fourth image shows a large gull present at Pilling.I am not good at gull identification and am unsure as to it's identity.There has been a Caspian Gull and a Scandanavian Herring Gull in the area and it may be one of those.I await the id from a knowledgable friend of mine.

The mornings and afternoons are now getting lighter and it will be nice in February to get out more.All we need now is more sunshine and Spring will well and truly be on it's way.Thanks for looking in and I will be back post Brexit with more from my travels.

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