Saturday, 22 July 2017

Spotting Flycatchers

It had been a while since I had seen any flycatchers.I hadn't visited the Bowland area of Lancs much this Spring and so had missed the opportunity to photograph the Pied Flycatcher which once the trees are in full leaf can be hard to see up in the canopy.A couple of weeks ago on a drive through the Bowland area I saw a spotted flycatcher in a location where they had bred in previous years.I returned a day or so later on a nice warm afternoon and sure enough the spotted flycatchers were very busy feeding young in a nearby nest.

They had nested in a garden area close by a country church which is situated in a most beautiful part of Bowland.For the next couple of hours I had a most enjoyable session with the camera and managed to get some nice images of the spotted flycatchers as they caught insects in the graveyard and surroundings of the church.It had been a delightful afternoon in beautiful surroundings and it was nice to catch up again with the spotted flycatchers.Hope you enjoy the images below of these delightful little birds as they went about their business of flycatching and it will be nice to think that they will return again next summer.Thanks for looking in and next time I hope to post an account of a trip this week out into Liverpool Bay in the company of other photographers as we met up for an annual get together and pelagic voyage out into the Irish Sea.

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