Sunday, 16 July 2017

Bempton Revisited

I enjoyed my visit to Bempton Cliffs at the end of June so much I decided on another visit at the beginning of July.The nesting season was coming to a close and I was determined to make another visit before the birds had left their homes on these impressive cliffs.This time I made the journey early morning taking A roads through Skipton,Harrogate,Knaresborough and York to eventually reach Bridlington and Bempton.It took about an hour longer than the motorway and I was caught up in rush hour traffic particularly in Harrogate.I duly arrived in Bempton around 10.30am and spent the next six and a half hours enjoying the sights and sounds of these cliffs and keeping very busy with the camera to record my visit.

On this trip I concentrated on the gannets particularly those at Staple Newk where excellent views can be had from the viewing platform.Many of the gannets had well grown young and the colony was busy with the comings and goings of the gannets.I managed some nice close ups of the gannets sky pointing and establishing their commitment to their lifelong partners.I also managed a close up of the gannet's smart web feet.

Out at sea was a boat load of photographers surrounded by a feeding frenzy of gannets.Something I fancy for next year.The post is headed by a puffin which gave me some nice close up shots as it posed on a nearby ledge.I finish this post with images of the kittiwake with chick and guillemot and razorbill.Finally a couple of images showing one of the many viewing platforms and a general view of these magnificent chalk cliffs overlooking the North Sea.A trip to Bempton is highly recommended.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more from my travels.

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  1. Wow stunning shots of the birds of Bempton Brian!
    You certainly deserve these having made the journey twice..