Saturday, 21 January 2017

Filling A Gap

Since the New Year arrived we have been stuck with some very depressing weather.It has been very dull with some light rain and it never seemed to come light.I have also been feeling a bit under the weather and consequently I have not been out and about  with the camera.So to keep the blog going and to fill the gap in postings I have decided to post a few of my favourite shots from 2016.

As always possibly my favourite bird,the great crested grebe features with fishing,portrait and display images.Owl shots show a short eared owl at Lytham Moss and a barn owl from the Pilling area.Waders feature a nice flight shot of four bar tailed godwits and a splendid sanderling from Rossall in full summer plumage.Whooper swans from Martin Mere are shown in portrait and preening mode.Little egrets from Leighton Moss are shown in fishing mode.Finally I was lucky to obtain some very nice images of the two fledged juvenile ospreys V6 andV7 at Esthwaite Water.The osprey images were taken from a rowing boat hired for the afternoon.

Hope you enjoy this gap filler and I hope to return to normal service very soon.Thanks for looking in


  1. Brilliant set of your 2016 favourites. I'm quite sure we'll be seeing another equally excellent set this time next year 'Favourites of 2017'.

    I'm hoping this is the year we finally have our overdue next meet Brian.

    1. Thanks Pete.The years really do roll by !! Yes we must meet up soon. Take care.

  2. Great selection of images taken in 2016 Brian.Looking foward to Monday night.