Friday, 3 June 2016

Summer Sanderling

We are currently enjoying some wonderful warm and sunny weather.After the very wet winter months it is most welcome.Nature has responded and everything is looking at it's very best.Recently I made a couple of visits to one of my favourite locations at Rossall Point.I always enjoy a visit to Rossall as it enables me to get some nice close up images of the waders which spend most of the winter months at Rossall.The sanderling is present throughout the winter months and is a lovely bird to photograph and observe as it chases the waves looking for food.

At this time of the year in early June many of the waders have already departed for the breeding grounds in the far north.These Arctic breeding grounds provide twenty four hours of daylight and are rich in insect life.The birds will be very busy when they reach these remote parts of the globe.Whilst still on our shores they are fattening up for the long journey ahead and some of the birds will be sporting their breeding finery.

So it was at Rossall that I was treated to some wonderful close up views of mainly sanderling with a few dunlin.All the birds were showing their summer plumages and looked very different from the birds I had seen during the winter months.One or two of the sanderling in particular were sporting full breeding plumage and provided me with some great opportunities for portraits of these lovely birds.I hope you enjoy my images below of the sanderling and dunlin at Rossall. Thanks for looking in and I will of course be out and about enjoying the wonderful weather to bring you more from my travels.


  1. Wow,stunning images of the sanderling brian,what beautiful summer plumage!

  2. Wonderful summer plumage on these sanderling and dunlin Brian,wish I had been there to join in the fun of watching these little waders running around the shoreline.