Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Orchids,Avocets and an Ibis

Last week I paid a visit to the RSPB reserve at Marshside.As usual the Sandgrounders hide was busy with noisy black headed gulls and the many youngsters that were now in various stages of development. I decided to move on to Nel's hide where the avocets would be on show.Just after leaving Sandgrounders hide I found numbers of bee orchids along the side of the path.They were at their very best and the camera was kept busy recording these delightful blooms.On arrival at Nel's hide I found I had it to myself and I settled down to enjoy an afternoon of peaceful birdwatching.

The hoped for avocets were scattered around and most of the birds had youngsters close by.As usual with the avocets any intruder was swiftly despatched away from the young birds.The birds were constantly on guard and were quick to intercept and react with any invaders of their territory.A family party of shovelers were a constant target for the avocets although they posed no real threat to the young birds. A pair of mute swans which ventured too close were also sent on their way.It was wonderful to watch the adult avocets protecting their offspring and hopefully they will all survive and fledge in due course.

Another visitor to this part of the reserve was a glossy ibis.This particular bird had been around for a while and was an attraction for birders to add to their year lists.During my stay at Nel's a number of birders came in to see the ibis when it returned to feed out on the marsh.Another good bird that from time to time showed well was the reed warbler that came up onto the reeds briefly before diving down again.It posed long enough for me to obtain some nice images of this summer visitor.The ibis returned mid afternoon and I got some nice record shots as it fed and preened.The visiting birders and myself all went away happy after a super session at Marshside.Hope you enjoy some of my images from the day shown below.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more from what is currently a busy time with the camera.


  1. Feisty little birds when protecting their young are the Avocets Brian.Great images of the birds of Marshside with the Bee Orchids being a nice bonus.