Tuesday, 12 January 2016

An Owly New Year...Short eared Owl

As promised in my last post I am continuing the owly theme for the beginning of 2016.Following my excellent session at Martin Mere with the barn owl the following afternoon found me at Lytham Moss.There had been a couple of short eared owls present at Lytham Moss since before Christmas and I was determined to obtain better images than on my first visit.The very wet weather had relented a little and it was to be a lovely sunny afternoon with excellent light giving perfect conditions for the camera.

As soon as I got out of the car I could see two short eared owls sparring over the far side of Lytham Moss and a couple of kestrels were also up in the air.I got into position part way across the mossland and awaited the arrival of a shortie.One did soon appear but it was quartering the area close to the road. I moved back again and eventually the owl came within camera range.For the next ninety minutes or so I was able to watch and photograph this special bird.I was very pleased with the results some of which I have shown below.

Also towards the latter part of the afternoon the barn owl appeared. It didn't come close but again it provided more camera opportunities as it hunted out in the middle of Lytham Moss.All in all it had been another super afternoon photographing owls.It had been a great start to my 2016 campaign and it is looking good for the next week or so with more typical cold and frosty weather and I will probably be back chasing owls very soon. Thanks for looking in and lets hope this year is a good one for us all.


  1. Impressive work Brian. I've not yet seen any suggestions about why/how this SEO phenomenon has come about, there must be hundreds of them arrived in the UK from where?

    1. Pete.Thanks for comment. There must be a good supply of voles for owls to stay.I think many of our shorties are continental birds wintering here as do starlings,bitterns etc,etc. Hope to bump into you sometime this year. Take care.

  2. Sorry Brian,I thought I`d already commented on this post.Brilliant SEO images your perseverance has certainly paid off.

  3. Great afternoons work Brian,mouth watering images of the shorties.
    You really are on a roll at the moment mate,keep these owly images coming,love the one of the sep looking up!
    Catch up soon when the workload eases...!

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