Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Owl and The Ponies

Despite all the recent terrible weather I was determined to get out and see if I could see some short eared owls.So last Friday Mike and I returned to Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve.On the Thursday five shorties plus three barnies had been out hunting despite the miserable dull and depressing weather.It was a better day on Friday but there was a very strong and cold wind blowing across the reserve.Other watchers and photographers were there when we arrived and conditions seemed to be ok.We found shelter along the edge of the woodland overlooking a large part of the reserve.The only birds to show were kestrels and a buzzard.We decided on a move and went to the far side of the reserve near the car park where we understood barn owls would show later.

A number of photographers were present and it was nice to catch up with Steve Dolan who I hadn't seen for a number of years. As we were chatting a short eared owl got up near to where the Exmoor ponies were grazing.The bird hovered nicely close to the ponies which may have possibly disturbed some voles.It dropped into the vegetation and didn't reappear for some time.When it did it soon departed and gave a few more opportunities for the waiting cameras.It had saved the day and made the journey worthwhile.The light was going as we left but we didn't wait for barn owls to appear as it was very cool and we were ready to return home after the long wait for a short eared owl to show.The owls will probably remain for a few more weeks so I must return to see again these wonderful raptors in action.Thanks for looking in and I hope to get out and about again this week.


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  2. An excellent set of images Brian, the favourites of mine being, the two shots of the head on SEO and the back end of the pony, and the head on of the lone pony which has that little extra about it for me.

    Apologies for the delete above.