Friday, 21 August 2015

Flying Free

Since my pelagic trip out from Liverpool I have visited the Cumbrian osprey site again.On my previous visit the young ospreys were flexing their wings in preparation for their first flights.I discovered that they have now fully fledged and have left the confines of the nest.They were still in the area and I could hear their calls on my arrival.I did have a very brief sighting of a bird but then I had to wait for over four hours for a further sighting.My only views were of the nest and the surrounding scenery.

They still use the nest as a meeting place and the male osprey will return from time to time with food for the young ospreys.They are not yet capable of catching their own fish and rely on the male to supply them with their meals.As previously mentioned I had a very long wait for any birds to show.I was in fact about to pack up when the male arrived with the remains of a large trout.He would have eaten some of the fish before bringing the rest for the young birds.As you will see from my images above there was still a substantial part of the large trout left to keep the young ospreys well fed. I hurriedly fired off a salvo of shots to capture the action and was well pleased with the results.

I will probably return for one last time before the ospreys depart for their winter quarters in West Africa.It would be nice to see them fishing on the nearby lake if I am very lucky.Failing that I will have to wait for the return of the adults next spring to hopefully rear another brood of youngsters.The Lake District ospreys have had an excellent breeding season and it is looking good for the further colonisation of Northern England.Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy my images above as much as I certainly did in taking them.


  1. super images of the Ospreys Brian, I will have to come up and take a look next year. Hope you are keeping well.

  2. excellent photos of the Ospreys , however i am a little concerned what looks like a load of twine on the nest