Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Deer and Ospreys

I have just made another visit to the area of the Lake District where there has been much activity recently with breeding and prospecting ospreys. Previous posts concentrated on one of the nesting locations. This week I visited a part of Cumbria where a young pair of ospreys are showing interest in taking up residence.The young male has been bringing fish back to the female to demonstrate his fishing prowess. Hopefully both birds will survive the winter and their hazardous migrations to and from West Africa and return to breed next year.

Whilst waiting for the ospreys to show I was treated to lovely views of a female roe deer with her two young fawns.Also a good number of red deer hinds and their young were on view as they fed on the edge of the birch woodland.I have shown some of my images above of the deer and ospreys.They are taken at distance but are still a nice record of my visit to this delightful area of South Lakeland.

Whether I will return again is uncertain at the moment as the ospreys will very soon be departing on their long migrations.I would have liked some images of the birds catching fish but a visit to a popular location proved fruitless.If the birds delay their departures I may well return for a last look at these magnificent birds.If not I look forward to next Spring when they hopefully return and continue their expansion into Northern England.Thanks for looking in and keep tuned for more from my travels.


  1. Impressive stuff with the Ospreys Brian,with the added bonus of the Roe Deer well worth the trip.

  2. Lovely images of the Ospreys again Brian, and what better to keep you occupied whilst waiting, those beautiful Deer