Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Young Ones

I haven't reported on the progress of the grebes at a local nature reserve for some time.I can now say that the pair of great crested grebes I have been watching have been successful in raising three youngsters.I last visited a few weeks ago and was very pleased to see three very young grebe chicks riding on the back of one of the parent birds.They were not easy to pick out as they were snuggled down under the feathers on the back. However when the other parent bird appeared with food they made themselves visible as they tried to be first to get the very small fish that were being brought to them.The parents would change duties and the chicks were tipped off the back into the water.They then scrambled onto the back of the new transport to take them round the lake to meet the incoming food.

It was wonderful to watch the parents carrying out their duties and hopefully all three chicks will grow quickly and healthily to maturity. Also on show as usual at this lake was a little grebe which looked splendid as it patrolled the lake edge close to the camera allowing some more nice portrait shots It would be nice to see some young little grebes but no sign yet.Hope you like some of my efforts with the camera and I will return in due course to check on the progress of these delightful great crested grebes.Thanks for looking in and you can be sure of more reports soon from Lancashire's wildlife.


  1. What a great account of the GCGrebes Brian,the chicks are superb on the backs of the adults.
    Love the Dabchick too!

  2. Great stuff Brian, don't you just love baby Grebes, just like little humbugs !!

  3. As Paul says a great account of the Grebe family Brian,with the Little Grebe thrown in for good measure.