Monday, 8 June 2015

Four Queens

At the end of May it was the Bank Holiday weekend.This coincided with a visit to Liverpool of the three Cunard liners,Queen Victoria,Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth. This special event was to celebrate 175 years of the Cunard Shipping Line.I was keen to see these three magnificent liners so I joined the crowds of people on Crosby beach to witness the arrival in the Mersey estuary.Queen Mary 2 came out to welcome the two other queens and escort them to the Liver Building frontage in Liverpool where they performed a "dance" in front of the assembled crowds.A fly past by the red arrows concluded the performance and the Queen Mary 2 then left Liverpool to go on its travels leaving the other two queens in Liverpool.

None of this was visible from Crosby beach but the blue skies appeared to escort the Queen Mary 2 back out into the Irish Sea.I enjoyed the experience and some of my images from Crosby beach are shown above.The fourth queen I was to see was a few days later when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visited Lancashire to visit the City of Lancaster as part of her visit to the Duchy Of Lancaster.Later she visited Myerscough College Of Agriculture and I was able to see her on her way by road as she passed through the village of Bilsborrow.I was lucky choosing the right side of the road to stand and managed a few images as she passed by. All in all an excellent week with some memorable images. Hope you enjoy my images of the four queens and thanks for looking in.      


  1. Four Queens in a day, what a wonderful once in a life opportunity, and how lucky you was with the images of Queen Elizabeth at Bilsborrow....Great stuff Brian.

  2. Certainly different Brian,but no less impressive.Not many people can say they`ve photographed four different Queens in one day.