Saturday, 18 April 2015

Intimate Moments

This last week has seen me revisiting a local nature reserve where previously a pair of great crested grebes had been seen prospecting for nest sites.They had indeed paired up and had begun to build the nest amongst the trailing branches of a willow tree overhanging the water.During my visits they were also seen mating at the nest site and a couple of images of the action are shown above.They also performed the head shaking display close to the nest and provided some very nice opportunities for the camera.I have selected a few of my better images of the pair of great crested grebes in action which are shown above.

I was also lucky to photograph one of the pair with a perch it had caught,not as big as the one shown on a previous post,but still nice to see in the afternoon sun.Also showing well again were a pair of little grebes which came close as they patrolled the lake.I think they are nesting on the far side of the lake and well beyond camera range, I did manage a nice flight shot as one of the little grebes flew back to the far side of the lake.It had been good to see that the great crests had set up home and I hope they are successful in bringing up a family and I will return from time to time to keep an eye on their progress.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the current lovely spring weather.


  1. very very nice post and shots

  2. Brilliant again as per Brian,hope to see you in Bowland soon.

  3. Great account of the grebes Brian,the little grebe is stunning.
    Seems like you made the most of the opportunity with some quality moments captured.
    Always a pleasure to read!!!