Monday, 13 April 2015

Grebes and Deer

Last week I visited the Wyreside Lakes Estate near Scorton.This is owned by The Duchy Of Lancaster and I have permission to visit for the purposes of wildlife photography.It is a large area of fishing lakes and woodland and the River Wyre runs close by. The lakes have the usual waterfowl plus great crested grebes and are visited by ospreys on migration.The RiverWyre has dippers and kingfishers and the woodland supports a healthy population of roe deer.

It was nice to discover a pair of great crested grebes had built a nest close to one of the lakeside paths.The grebes were sitting on eggs and I was careful not to approach too closely so as not to disturb them.They were not bothered and allowed me to take some very nice portrait shots of them sitting on the nest and of a changeover of incubation duties.I will return in a few weeks when the eggs will hopefully have hatched and the parents will be returning with food for their young.

The roe deer were a different proposition.I had discovered a feeding area where I had seen them on previous visits.As usual with roe deer they hear and see you approaching long before you see them.However a very careful and quiet approach did allow one or two record shots and a shot of them crossing the river and disappearing into the woods.Hope you like my efforts above with the deer and the grebes and I will return soon for more encounters with the wyreside wildlife.


  1. Beautiful photos, great crested grebe is one of my favourite birds!

  2. Stunning images Brian,you`ve certainly exploited the situation to the full with these images.It`s hard to pick a fav as they are all brilliant.