Friday, 7 November 2014

The Swans Are Back

This week on one of the better days,dry and bright,for a change,I visited Martin Mere.On my last visit some weeks ago there were no whooper swans present.With the recent change in the weather with more typical autumnal weather, the swans have now left their breeding grounds in Iceland. I understand the whoopers have had an excellent breeding season and are now arriving in family parties at their favoured wintering grounds.

Martin Mere is one of their favoured ares of the country. As well as left over potatoes,carrots etc remaining in the fields of West Lancashire they are fed on a daily basis with grain at Martin Mere. There are now close on one thousand whooper swans in the area and it was a delight to catch up with these special winter visitors. I enjoyed myself with the camera trying for some nice flight shots as the swans flew in from the surrounding areas.

I have shown my efforts above  and have also shown a flock of teal taking flight as they were harried by a passing marsh harrier. Thanks for looking in and let's hope for some better weather for the weekend,it is currently pouring down as I write my blog. 


  1. Great swan pictures and I really like the environmental scenery too!

  2. Hi Brian,strange to think that I was looking at whooper swans in Iceland earlier in the year.
    Now there,re literally on my doorstep!!!!

  3. Great shots Brian, it is great to see them back again, I've just posted some shots as well from my recent visit