Friday, 21 November 2014

A Better Week

After last week's upsets this week has been much better.I am thinking of getting another cat and have been to look at some currently residing at the Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary at St.Annes.

On the wildlife front Tuesday was a very pleasant day with light winds and sunshine.I decided on a visit to Yarrow Valley Country Park near Chorley.I had noticed that the regular kingfisher was appearing daily and would hopefully provide some opportunities for the camera.On arrival at the fishing spot the kingfisher prefers ,the news was that it had been showing well but had departed. However there was not long to wait for it's return and myself and the other assembled photographers were then treated to it posing for the next three quarters of an hour or so.We all  " filled our boots " with many images and some video of the lovely male kingfisher.The spot it chooses to visit is unfortunately in a dark gulley and makes for difficult photography to obtain the correct exposures and shutter speeds.I am however quite pleased with the results and my better efforts are posted above.

The three jays have also been visiting my garden on a daily basis for peanuts I have put out for them.Again giving great opportunities for the camera and photographed from my bedroom window.They do seem to take peanuts like there is no tomorrow and will be stashing them away for when the colder weather arrives.Again a few more images above of these colourful but very shy birds.Thanks for looking in and hopefully more next week from Lancashire's wildlife.


  1. Brian, great images of the Kingfisher, been a long time since I visited Yarrow Valley, looks like I need to get back up there. Nice to see the Jays are still visiting you

  2. Great images of two very colourful birds Brian,glad to see your out and about after your upset.

  3. You don't get much more colourful than that here in the UK. Great shots.