Saturday, 27 September 2014

Leighton Moss ... Egrets

This week the count of roosting egrets at Leighton Moss broke previous records with a staggering 182 birds present.These were of course mostly little egrets but there are still 3 Great White egrets present.During the day the birds tend to use  the area down at the Morecambe and Allen pools for feeding .The Great whites also use the area at Lilian's hide to feed and commute between the two.

The egrets make great subjects for the camera as they fly and feed.Being large birds it is not difficult to obtain correct focus and I tend to underexpose when taking images so as not to burn out the white plumage of the birds.Hopefully I have succeeded with the images shown above of some of the action from Leighton Moss. The Great Whites are the first group of images with the little egrets bringing up the rear.Hope you enjoy my efforts and in my next posting I will show some of the many waders currently enjoying the muddy conditions at the Eric Morecambe hide.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.  


  1. Seems you had a great egret day at the moss Brian!
    Just too busy with work at the moment, to join you mate!

  2. Excellent Egret photography here.

    My pick of the best would have to be the first one, impressive stuff Brian.