Friday, 4 July 2014

Yorkshire Reds

The "Reds " I am referring to is not a football or rugby ream but red squirrels.This last week I have made a couple of trips to Yorkshire.The main purpose of my visit was to visit parts of the Tour De France cycle race course which this year begins in Yorkshire. The first day it visits Wharfedale,Wensleydale and Swaledale.On the second day it passes through West Yorkshire passing through the high Pennines and finishes in Sheffield. This weekend I am going to watch the world's top cyclists visit the North of England before they return to France.

On the way back on Sunday I visited a remote forest up above Wensleydale where red squirrels can be seen.There were not as many present as on previous visits but the three individuals that were there gave many opportunities to capture some nice images. I had gone prepared with camera and a supply of hazlenuts which the squirrels came readily for and allowed a close approach with the camera.I have shown above a selection of images from the trip and hope my followers enjoy them as much as I certainly did in taking them. These beautiful little animals are a delight to be near and I was reluctant to leave but I had a long journey home after a wonderful day in the Yorkshire Dales. Thanks for looking in and if you are near a television this weekend you can enjoy the splendid scenery of Yorkshire as the Tour De France makes it's way through the county.

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  1. Great close ups of the reds Brian,I feel a visit to North Yorkshire coming soon.