Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pelagic Magic

A week ago it was my good fortune to be aboard Discovery for a pelagic trip out of Liverpool looking for seabirds in Liverpool Bay.I had joined a small group of like minded photographers and bird watchers for a ten hour trip with skipper Gary Flint.Previous trips had been cancelled owing to strong winds but this time we enjoyed flat calms seas with a little rain late on in the day.

It was to be a wonderful experience as we sailed out some thirty miles or so to where many wind turbines and a gas rig were to be found. We stopped to catch mackerel which were to be used to attract the main target bird of the day,the gannet.We all took turns to catch some fish and then we put out bread to bring in some gulls which in turn would attract other birds.A special mix of fish oil and pellets was also used to attract the birds.

Gradually the birds arrived including the gannets which gave some great opportunities for close up shots as they circled the boat before diving for the fish thrown behind the boat.We all enjoyed the action and the refreshments provided by the skipper.Later in the day dolphins were spotted cruising along not far from the boat.We abandoned the gannets and went in pursuit of the dolphins.This was to be a magical experience as the bottlenose dolphins came alongside the boat and kept us company and we rattled of as many shots as we could.I was positioned at the front of the boat and the dolphins were surfing along and riding the boat's bow wave.They briefly broke surface as they came up to breathe but it was not easy to get the shot as at times they were too close.

After this fantastic experience we returned to the gannets which again gave some great opportunities for action photography as they dived for the fish.Some rain arrived but it didn't spoil the day and eventually cleared and it was very pleasant as we returned to Liverpool.It had been a truly wonderful and memorable day out and I understand another pelagic trip may be arranged in a month or so.I can't wait!!

I have shown above a selection of images from the day which hopefully will convey the special time we all enjoyed at sea aboard Discovery.I will probably do another upload later as I have many images from this fantastic day. I would like to thank Richard for the arrangements,Gary the skipper for taking us out and providing refreshments and entertainment through the day.I hope to meet up again with the other photographers present when we venture forth for more pelagic magic.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend. 


  1. Wonderful Brian,the trip of a lifetime with great weather who could ask for more.You`ve exploited the the situation to perfection with fantastic images,bring on the next post.VERY WELL DONE.

  2. Certainly was a memorable day Brian,really enjoyed the whole occasion!

    Roll on the next one!

  3. Great memories well captured, I really must get rid of that roll around my waist too !

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