Saturday, 4 January 2014

Great Start to the New Year

The very stormy weather of Christmas continued into the New Year and more storms are forecast for the coming week.However the second day of January saw a break in the weather with calm conditions and some very welcome sunshine.This better weather coincided with the presence of  a Great Northern Diver on the marine lake at Southport. It had been present for a few days so I took the opportunity to see this uncommon visitor to the Lancashire coastline.
Firstly though I walked out onto the marsh at RSPB Marshside to watch the comings and goings as another very high tide rolled in.Many birders were out and about enjoying some much needed fresh air following the festivities.The highlight was discovering a peregrine falcon on a kill.I approached carefully but eventually the bird departed with the remains of a redshank.I have shown above the falcon surrounded by lots of feathers as it plucked it's prey and I have also shown a not too pleasant image of the remains of the poor redshank.Nature is certainly cruel at times but everything must survive during the current disturbed weather.Other images from the marsh show a little egret on a fly past and distant waders following the tide.
 The remainder of this lovely afternoon was spent at the marine lake at Southport where the Great Northern Diver was performing for the assembled birdwatchers.I did manage some images of this uncommon visitor but the bird was always just too far out for better shots.A splendid male goldeneye was close in and gave some nice opportunities for the camera.The ever present mute swans also presented many opportunities for portraits in the pleasant late afternoon sun.It had been a great start to the new year and was enjoyed with excellent company and for a change some very pleasant weather. Thanks for looking in and I hope to be out and about soon with more accounts and images from my travels in Lancashire.

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  1. I agree a great start to the New Year Brian. It is a pity the Diver you went for was out of range. All the best for the New Year.
    Martin ( mrphotographica on flickr) Check out my Kingfisher video posted at Xmas I think you will find it of interest.