Thursday, 16 January 2014

Godwits Galore

This week I have made a couple of visits to Marshside RSPB at Southport.The weather has been a little kinder than of late and it is beginning to feel like Spring is on the way at last.On my first visit I watched the long tailed duck which has been present for a few weeks but it never came near enough for any decent shots.I was impressed however by the large number of black tailed godwits present and yesterday I returned to Marshside and Nel's Hide where I awaited some action.

I was not to be disappointed and a sparrowhawk disturbed most of the many birds present and they went into panic mode flying around in formation and providing some great flight shots.I was using two cameras, one with the 500mm lens attached and another with a 70-200 zoom lens.The birds provided me with many images some of which are shown above.It was nice to be at one of my favourite locations again with plenty of action to record.Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy the above images.  

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