Monday, 28 October 2013

Thousands Of Pinks

Last week I made a couple of visits to Martin Mere at Burscough.Over twenty thousand pink footed geese were on show,coming and going during the day.It was quite a spectacle to see this number of birds in the air and the sights and sounds of the geese as they arrived in big numbers is difficult to describe in words and images. It is really something to be experienced first hand but I have tried to convey some of the magic with my images above.The geese took over completely one of the meres and fields at the back of the reserve and excellent views could be had particularly from the United Utilities and Ron Barker hides.
Also present at the Ron Barker hide was a kingfisher which gave wonderful views at times and delighted those present in the hide.I have posted a few images above from my visits and hope you enjoy them as much as I certainly did in taking them.If any of my followers get the opportunity to visit Martin Mere it is well worth while at the moment.As well as the flocks of geese there are also a number of raptors present.During my visits I also enjoyed views of peregrine falcon,marsh harrier kestrel and sparrowhawk.Thanks for looking in. This week I am hopefully going fishing,with the camera that is,to try to capture the salmon as they make their way up the rivers following the heavy rain of recent days. 

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