Friday, 18 October 2013

Glossy Ibis...Horwich

This week I went for a look at the long staying Glossy Ibises present close to Bob's Smithy at Horwich.I had seen some excellent images of these uncommon visitors and decided to try to get some for the portfolio.It was a dry day but the sun never really came out which would have been better but I had an excellent session with these very approachable birds.They were feeding in amongst cattle and were constantly on the move.Their very long bills were used to probe the pasture and wet ground in their search for food which appeared to be mainly earthworms.
They went out of sight but I found them in a rushy area of the hillside and I was able to approach to within a few yards as they moved around me.They were not bothered by me being so close and allowed some nice shots as they fed together.There were two birds feeding around me the other two having departed to a different part of the hillside.
Shown above some of the many images from the day,hope you enjoy my efforts .My only regret was not getting any decent flight shots of these impressive birds.I hope to return on a nice sunny day, that is if the ibises stay in the area. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.   


  1. Hi Brian

    You've got some corkers there, mate. Love the two of them walking and the on with the cow's udders!

  2. Glad you made the most of the Ibisis Brian!Got a funny feeling that you will be back to see more of these birds!

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  4. YOu made the most of this opportunity - love the ones with the cows and udders on too! Gives it a real perspective! Like the way the cow is looking at it like 'What on earth's this two legged thing?'!!!