Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dotterel Time

This week has seen me make two trips up Pendle Hill looking for dotterel.From the end of April to about the middle of May is a good time to visit Pendle as trips of dotterel stop over on their way north.The reports came through on Monday evening that five dotterel were on Pendle.On the Tuesday with the weather still very wintry and unsettled I thought that the birds may stay another day or so before moving on.On the way up the steep climb towards the summit I met a birder who informed me that there were still two females showing well near to the summit cairn.

It was certainly very cold and wintry on the summit plateau.I soon spotted another photographer down on his knees with his camera and obviously photographing the dotterel .Very soon I was set up and together with about four other birders enjoyed the company of the two female dotterel present.They were very inquisitive and allowed a close approach.The weather also began to improve and blue skies appeared to brighten up the scene.We all enjoyed the wonderful views of these enigmatic mountain top birds which are totally at home in very often harsh conditions.I have shown a few of my better efforts from the day above.

I visited again again on the Friday but despite much searching no further dotterel could be found.I understand that they were seen around 08.15 but I didn't arrive until nearer lunchtime and by then they must have moved on.I also discovered later that two dotterel had been seen on Fairsnape Fell in Bowland and they were possibly the birds from Pendle having a change of scene.  It will probably be another twelve months or so before another opportunity occurs to see these very special birds. Hope you enjoy my images of the dotterel and scenery from Pendle Hill. Thanks for looking in and let's hope that soon we get some decent weather,we certainly deserve it!!!


  1. Brilliant images as per Brian well worth the effort to climb to the top of Pendle for.

  2. Well done Brian, as always my timing was out, I thought they'd gone, otherwise I might have made it five... a must for next year! Super images and nice to see.