Monday, 27 May 2013

Bowland..Ups and Downs.

This last week has been a bit up and down,what with the still cool weather and I am having problems with the car.The weather has been very nice over the holiday weekend and hopefully the car will be restored to full health by the weekend.I have managed a couple of trips into Bowland one very early, leaving home at 4.45a.m and one during normal daytime hours.

The early morning one was productive with a roe deer buck in flight across the fields as I disturbed  his peace and quiet.A lapwing chick soaked in dew and a little owl were nice to see.The great crested grebes had nested and I spotted three eggs in the nest as the parents changed duties.  Early mornings are very good for sightings of the numerous hares in Bowland . The daytime trip was also good  with my first sightings for the year of pied flycatchers with a couple of males singing at their Bowland nesting sites

The images above are not of my best but will serve as a record of my travels during the last week or so.Hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking in.Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon when I can get out more to capture the wildlife at this wonderful time of the year.

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  1. Yeah Brian,Bowlands a wonderful area to explore at this time of year.There may not be any Harriers residing on the heather moorlands,but there's always plenty to aim at,you just don't know what your'e going to come across!