Saturday, 23 March 2013

Face To Face

This last week has seen the continuation of the very wintry weather with bitter easterly winds and some snow from time to time. Lancashire has not had much snow but the bitter winds have made it very unpleasant to be out and about with the camera. I did however venture out and my first trip was back to the Pilling mosslands looking for owls.I was unlucky with the barn owls but there was a shortie showing from time to time.I visited the same area again but it was dead on yet another bitterly cold and cloudy day.

Thursday afternoon found me in a different location nearer home where I was very pleased to see the barn owls hunting in the late afternoon. They seem to come out around 4pm and despite the strong winds they were actively hunting the rough grasslands close to their home in the  farm buildings. I was well hidden behind a hedge and in camouflage and on three occasions  the barn owls came close and gave me some great opportunities for close up shots.

Shown above are my best efforts from the brief encounter with the owls. It became very unpleasant waiting for the owls to come close and after an hour I had had enough and returned to the comforts of home. I was however well pleased with the results and hope you enjoy the images of my face to face encounter with these lovely birds. Weather permitting I hope to return soon for more close encounters. Thanks for looking in and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Superb images Brian, good on you for sticking it out in the cold, well worth it for these stunners!

  2. Absolutely stunning images Brian - that first one is to die for!! definitely worth sitting in the cold for - would love to see a wild barn owl this close - one day hopefully!

  3. Wow Brian you`ve certainly got the Owl bug,more stunning images for us to enjoy.Great subjects,great photography!!!!

  4. As Paul says WOW,wonderful images of the local Barnie Brian,well worth getting a bit cold for,very well deserved.

  5. Well I can confirm my pleasure very time I visit your blob! I love the owl family and especially the Barn owl.
    I well know the patience and the cold blisters from such long hours in a hide, many times for nothing!
    Your pics were well worth that effort!
    I feel though quite frustrated since I have a colony of 6 to 7 birds on my property but I never see them and don't dare get too close from their sleeping quarters in fear to scare them. And their is no open field where I can wait to see them hunt! :(
    Oh well, I am very busy with kites and buzzards these days, can't have everything!!
    I love the last photo and the close up on N°3 is quite impressive... this is where we can see the head is out of proportions!!
    Cheers Brian!

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  7. Hi brian. These are beautiful and well worth the bitterly cold wait. The hunting poses are so good and to have them so close is amazing.

  8. Fabulous series of shots. Great work – Tim