Saturday, 16 March 2013

Owling Again

Wednesday was a fine day with little or no wind and pleasant warm sunshine.Ideal conditions for the barn owls to come out hunting so I decided on a visit to the mosslands around Pilling to see what I could find.The barn owls in this area do tend to hunt during the daytime. They take advantage of good flying conditions for locating their prey in their favoured rough grassland  haunts.It turned out to be a super afternoon with the barn owls particularly on top form.There was also a short eared owl hunting the same fields but I concentrated on the barn owls.I have tried to capture the birds in their location showing surrounding farms and countryside with the barn owls in typical hunting postures.Hope you enjoy the images and I will return soon with more from the Lancashire countryside.


  1. Hi Brian

    A lovely, varied selection of images and cracking hunting poses.

  2. A great selection of images from the mosslands Brian,the second and third images are the ones I like the best.