Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Waxwings

Preston has been favoured by the waxwings this winter.They spent some time in Preston prior to Christmas and delighted local bird watchers and photographers.They stayed for a number of weeks and at times numbered over one hundred birds.It was a great surprise to see yet more waxwings as they returned to Preston for second helpings.They had discovered a large supply of cotoneaster berries at the Network Rail Depot on Corporation Street.The number of berries has kept them here for a couple of weeks and I have visited a few times and obtained some nice images.I uploaded some recently but below are some more from a recent visit. The weather was superb with blue skies and was ideal for photography.As usual with waxwings they allowed a close approach and were not bothered by the nearby town centre traffic.Other photographers and watchers were present and we all went away happy after spending time with these fabulous visitors.This will probably be the last opportunity of the winter and I hope you enjoy the images below as much as I certainly did taking them. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Wonderful birds, wonderful images. 'Every one a winner' as they say Brian.