Saturday, 24 March 2012

Grouse and Grebes

This last week has been excellent for getting out and about with the camera.At long last we have had some bright and sunny weather for a change. Signs of Spring are very much with us as temperatures soar into the teens and nature responds with feverish activity.

I have concentrated this week on two species namely Great Crested Grebe and Red Grouse.I have been fortunate to locate a pair of grebes nesting on a local nature reserve and have spent many hours observing the comings and goings around the nest site.I have also made a couple of treks to a local grouse moor to observe the numerous grouse now on territory and providing many wonderful opportunities for the camera.

I have shown above a very small selection of images obtained but many more will be uploaded in due course. The grouse in particular were very approachable and I managed to fill the memory card with some memorable shots and was well pleased with my week's work. The good weather is set to continue and I will no doubt be off again to add yet more images to the portfolio.Thanks for looking in and keep tuned for many more of the same.


  1. Great series of images Brian,nice to be up close and personal with these wonderful birds.

  2. More excellent photography here Brian which we come to expect these days form you. The second Red Grouse down has a 'cocky' look about it....Great stuff.

  3. More excellent images here which we've come to expect from you Brian. The second Red Grouse down has a 'cocky' look about it in the pose.

  4. Apologies for the double comment Brian, my first attempt initially appeared to have failed but obviously hadn't.

  5. Again fantastic photos of a Grouse not often seen on blogs!
    You have impressed me once more!
    Your photography is definitively top on my list of favorites! :)
    Wish I could be there to witness these marvels!!!
    Cheers and good birding!

  6. Good account Brian and again first class photography!You definately are putting the time in lately and reaping the rewards.........