Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hunting Shorties

I have become obsessed recently with photographing short eared owls. I have taken many hundreds of images on my visits to two locations on the Lancashire mosslands where the owls have been active during daylight hours. There has been a lot of unsuitable weather of late with many dull dismal and drizzly days . Occasionally though the sun has managed to put in an appearance and the owls have responded by coming out to hunt.

So it was yesterday, when it was a lovely sunny afternoon with little or no wind.I picked up Simon and we met up with Martin at the location where the owls had been showing. Not long after our arrival the owls appeared and for the rest of the afternoon we were treated to some wonderful fly pasts as they quartered the rough grassland looking for prey. We were joined by another party of photographers and we all clicked away as the owls performed for us.

I have selected a few of the many images I took of the action and they are shown above. I have concentrated on the owls in the process of hunting close to the ground as they looked for voles and mice. I have also tried to show images where the afternoon sun picked up the detail of the birds and gave a nice warm feel to the shots. I hope my readers enjoy these images as much as I did in capturing them and I hope to return again soon. Currently wet and gloomy weather has returned and I may not get out again for a few days.


  1. This owl is so wonderful! Your shots aswell!
    The light and colors are great!

    Have a nice week!


  2. Nothing wrong with an obsession like this with the Short-eared Owls Brian....Great stuff.

  3. These are absolutely top-class Brian. The hunting pose, for me, is the pinnacle of owl photography, beating owls-with-prey items to a close second! They are so beautiful during these poses. Your images are marvelous and have captured the hunting perfectly.

    I've still not even seen one this winter!

  4. a fine obsession Brian... if I can get away, you might find me skulking in the undergrowth – super stuff.

  5. Beautiful shots again, you certainly have been doing well with the Owls.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments...much appreciated.

  7. It's wonderful that you've had a sunny afternoon for those stunning pictures!
    What a dream! I wish I could have been there to witness those incredible aerial acrobatics!
    The light was just right!
    I am truly in aw!
    Cheers, Brian!