Friday, 20 January 2012

Aerial Combat

This week has seen me visiting a new site in Lancashire where short eared owls have been active. On my first visit I saw the birds but light was rapidly failing and I decided on a return visit . I returned the following afternoon when blue skies and lovely winter sunshine were the order of the day.

It turned out to be a good decision as three shorties were present and were very active through the afternoon.I took many images in the ideal conditions and was very well pleased with the results. For this posting I have concentrated on the frequent skirmishes that took place between the owls as they fought over this prime hunting area. The fights took place up above the rough field that was obviously rich in voles and mice and they gave me some nice opportunities to obtain shots of the action. I have posted a few images above of the sparring owls. None of the owls seemed worse for wear after these skirmishes and I have headed the post with an owl having a look at me after things had returned to normal.

I hope my readers enjoy these images and I will post more later when I have maybe added more to my portfolio. Currently the rain is back and it doesn't look promising for any more action until next week. Meantime thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Brilliant Brian,wonderful images of a wonderful spectacle and just reward for all the time and effort you put in to capture these images,very well done.

  2. Wonderful series, Brian, and the perfect reward for patience and exemplary fieldcraft. Fantastic work – Tim

  3. Incredible series, Brian, really stunning work!

  4. Great set of images
    Seems to be a lot more skirmishing / interaction going on since New Year

  5. Fantastic! What a experience!

    Good pictures! Love the light and colors!

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. My word Brian, these are absolutely tremendous images! I compliment them highly enough. Wow.

  7. Olympic Gold here Brian....Stunning images via some first rate photographic skills.

  8. Amazing event to capture! Stunning photos!

  9. Brian, your blog is outstanding!
    I meant to post a comment for a while but I am always out and about in wild myself!

    Your photography is a real delight so is the quality and I "envy" you this close proximity with the Birds of prey I so admire!

    I bred parrots in Africa but it is not the same, although I managed to hatch a condemned Black Eagle chick in one of my German incubators! LOL!
    It was fed with a felt Eagle puppet then released at the age of 3 month back with the parents, after swapping the chicks every second week!
    A story I thought you might enjoy reading!!

    I'll certainly be back for more!

  10. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments...very much appreciated.