Saturday, 22 January 2011

Whoopers and Bramblings

Still a cold and very frosty week with some persistent fog towards the end of the week. Winter hasn't yet lost it's grip and I don't think there will be much improvement for a while. I did manage to get out though with the camera and caught up with some birds I hadn't seen for sometime. I hadn't visited Martin Mere for many a moon and I spent a couple of enjoyable afternoons there and enjoyed lovely sunny weather.
The whooper swans are always a delight to watch and I tried a few different hides to try for some nice flight shots as well as shots of the swans at feeding time from the Swan Link hide. I was quite well pleased with the results and some of my efforts are shown above. Bramblings have apparently been around for some time at Martin Mere and I joined other photographers in the Janet Kear Hide where a few bramblings visited the feeders from time to time. It was not easy to get the birds posing on nearby branches but I did eventually manage one or two reasonable images of these Scandanavian visitors. It would be nice to see the male birds in their wonderful full breeding colours but they still looked splendid in their bright orange outfits. Again my efforts are shown above.


  1. All are wonderful! Love those swans!

  2. Hello friends,

    The whooper swan is a large Northern Hemisphere swan. Whooper swans require large areas of water to live in, especially when they are still growing, because their body weight cannot be supported by their legs for extended periods of time. It has a more angular head shape and a more variable bill pattern that always shows more yellow than black. Thanks a lot.....

    Wildlife Photographer