Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sanderling...Rossall Point

Following on from my last posting about the Great Northern Diver at Fleetwood ,which has I think now departed ,I am posting some images taken on the same day of a sanderling roost a little further down the coast at Rossall Point. The sanderling is a delightful little wader to observe and photograph and at Rossall Point on a high tide they come quite close.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours spent with the waders and in the company of some respected local birdwatchers. With the sanderling was a purple sandpiper which I think I would have missed had I been on my own. Also present were turnstones and ringed plovers and again they were remarkably tame and willing to have their portraits taken. The turnstones and plovers will feature in a further posting when I return to Rossall on the next high tides in a week or so. However if the current very wintry weather continues it may not be possible to travel far.
I hope my readers enjoy the sanderling images and the one showing a purple sandpiper which was roosting with the sanderling and a bird I have not seen for many years. Rossall Point is a delightful spot with wonderful views across Morecambe Bay to the Lake District Mountains and I look forward to a return visit in due course.


  1. Lovely images - as usual. I have to say I have a soft spot for sanderlings. Very charming and with such hidden stamina.

    I've seen a purple sandpiper at Rossall too. Hope you spot another on your next visit.

  2. Lovely images Brian, i too love sanderlings, they are so white!!

    If you get time check out my blog -

  3. Excellent pic of the Purple Sandpiper Brian, not an easy bird to find/see in this area and well beyond.

  4. Great pics once again Brian... still envious hahaha.


  5. Good account of your day Brian,will have to take you up on the offer to join you for the next high permitting of course!!!!

  6. Very good pictures of course Brian and so good to see your shot of the "purp" as they are now so unusual around here. Sorry I missed your Fylde visit.