Thursday, 16 December 2010

Owl Time

This is the time of year around Christmastime when my thoughts turn to going to look for owls. So it was this week when I made three trips to see if I could find and photograph these evocative and spectacular birds. I visited areas of Lancashire where I had excellent sightings in previous years, notably two years ago in the Pilling area when there was an  " invasion " of short eared owls. Sadly this year this doesn't appear to be the case and during this week I have failed to find any shorties. Whether this is down to lack of prey or whether the SEO had a poor breeding season I don't know.
It is a different story however with the Barn Owl which is resident in parts of Lancashire and can usually be relied on at this time of the year to be found hunting over it's favoured areas of rough grassland. So it proved this week when I visited three sites ,two on the Lancashire Mosslands and one on the moorland of The Forest Of Bowland. The barn owl does tend to appear mid afternoon onwards hunting it's territory and the light then can be good for photography. One afternoon gave some lovely views of a barn owl hunting in the warm glow of a setting sun and enabled me to obtain some nice images with which I was well pleased.
I have posted a few images of one of the mossland barn owls in this lovely light and I hope my readers enjoy them as much as I did in observing and photographing this lovely bird. I will probably do another post before Christmas to show some more including the Bowland bird returning to it's hillside barn with a vole.


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  2. The late sunlight - particularly on pics 3 + 5 - has made some already stunning images even more stunning of this enigmatic hunter. As ever some brilliant photography here Brian.

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  3. Brilliant set of shots Bryan!Superb light whilst you were there, a real bonus to photograph these awesome birds in those conditions!!!

  4. Hello Brian!
    Your photography is absolutely stunning!
    The close-ups are just fabulous!
    I will go through your previous posts ASAP!!
    I can't wait to be properly equipped to get into that kind of pics!

  5. You got great afternoon light there Brian and you certainly made th best of it. Good stuff as ever.

  6. Hi,

    These are wonderfully fantastic images I ever seen. Thank you so.. much for posting these really awesome. I simply love every single photo shot. Last two three images are truly beautiful.

    Wildlife Photographer

  7. Bravo por estas bellas fotos! Un saludo from Barcelona, Spain,

    Ramón García Durán