Friday, 27 August 2010

Mostly Sanderling

More high tides this week and I returned to the coast at Southport to find the wader roosts again. The tides were not as high as on my previous visit and the large flocks of knot were very distant in the vicinity of Formby Point and were being harassed by a pair of peregrines which I could see sitting on the beach but too far away for a decent  shot.
I spent my time close to the tide line following the groups of sanderling which were busy as only sanderlings can be in their quest for food. They really are one of the most engaging little shoreline waders and at times allowed a careful approach..mostly on my knees.. and I was able to obtain some nice close up action shots. Their sensitive bills are able to detect food items as they probe into the wet sand.One of the images above shows a sanderling with what looks like a row of small eggs which it had extracted from the sand.
It was an enjoyable experience and was well worth the wet and sand covered knees.Dunlin were also present and I have shown a couple of dunlin shots showing nice reflections on the wet sand and one adult bird almost seems to be admiring itself. More big tides are due in a couple of weeks when I hope to return for more close encounters with these delightful birds.    


  1. Yes, must keep my eye on the next high tides here to pay a long overdue 'return' to observe the Southport waders.

    Always a pleasure to see your posts and pics Brian.

  2. Pete. Thanks for looking in. I think you and I are due a trip to Southport next big tide. I will be in touch.

  3. Wondeful shots. They're prompting me to go.

  4. Great shots as ever Brian but then that's always what I say. Do you take any bad ones?

  5. These are fantastic shorebird shots! really beautiful light, and the reflections in a few of them add so much to the images. awesome work!