Tuesday, 17 August 2010

High Tide...More Waders.

Following on from my last entry I just thought I would show some more of my images from last week's high tide wader roost at Southport. More of the same with Knot in their red breeding plumage, which will soon be replaced by their rather drab  grey winter plumage.More of everybody's favourite seashore wader the sanderling. There are presently good numbers of these delightful little waders scurrying around the sands. They are a delight to watch as they dash around like little clockwork mice in their quest for food. I have also shown a general view out across  the sands to the north west showing an angry sky with heavy downpours heading for the Preston area. Southport managed to miss most of the rain with just a few drops which didn't spoil what had been a wonderful couple of afternoons in the company of thousands of Ribble Estuary waders.


  1. That is called shorebird heaven :) I wish I could live around. :))
    Excellent images.

    Cheers, Szimi

  2. Nice landscape, nice birds Brian. Isn't our coast just brill?

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  4. More great shots Brian.

    I used to like it here with John Leedal on the high tides and if anyone asked me why I've never been since I wouldn't be able to give a reasonable answer.

  5. Hi Brian,wish I could have come with you last week,looks like you hit the jackpot there with some cracking shots of the waders!
    Looking forward to meeting up soon!