Friday, 4 June 2010

Action and Reaction

June had arrived and with it some very warm weather. Most birds were lying low either on nesting duties or hiding away in the green canopy that was now covering most of the woodlands and it was generally very quiet on the bird and photography scene. I decided on a visit to Leighton Moss where I hadn't been for some time.
It was another very warm afternoon and my first port of call was to Lilian's Hide to view the small colony of black headed gulls which could be heard as you left the car park. Gulls are not really amongst my favourite birds but I must admit to spending a wonderful hour or so at Lilian's observing and photographing the antics of the nesting colony. There was a healthy number of chicks on view and there was much squabbling amongst the parent birds as they competed for territory amongst the little islands which were covered in beautiful yellow flag iris. The gulls too were resplendent in their breeding finery with blood red bills and feet.
There was constant noise and action from the colony and I managed to obtain some nice action shots of the black headed gulls as they fought and squabbled over territory. The light too was excellent for action shots as the strong afternoon sun lit up the scene. I have posted some images from the session with the gulls and hope my readers enjoy what I have to say is a very beautiful bird when seen in it's breeding finery.


  1. Excellent images of the Black-headed Gulls as we've come to expect.

    You have a reputation to keep up to can do it Brian.

    By the way the Spotted Flycatchers are back at Christ Church, Abbeystead....Alleluia!

  2. You caught some nice action shots there. excellent bit of photography nice clear pics.

  3. A fantastic series of shots.

  4. Well done Brian on some nice images of the Black Headed Gulls,a bird we all too often take for granted!!!

  5. Some great action shots. I especially like the fourth and sixth shots.