Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lek's Do It Again

Sorry about the terrible pun but I felt I had to publish a few more images from the fabulous black grouse lek which I was fortunate to witness earlier this month. I had traveled to the Northern Pennines in County Durham with Paul Foster at the invitation of Jonathan Latimer a local wildlife artist and illustrator . Jonathan's work can be viewed at
It was indeed a fantastic experience to view a lek at close quarters just as dawn was breaking on a very frosty morning. The grouse performed well for the camera and I was able to come away well satisfied with the images I had obtained. It had been well worth the long journey, sub zero temperatures, and four hours in a cramped hide to witness this memorable spectacle.  I have posted a few more images above and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did in taking them...... Thanks again chaps.


  1. Great shots! What an interesting looking bird (or is it fowl?).

  2. Excellent set of behavioural images!

  3. Brillian shots, lovely looking birds.